Sunday, January 25, 2009

Merak Kayangan reception.. the reason why I'm not on V2 Reverse..

It was our turn yesterday. This reception is long due as Mutee got married before Christmas. It was a good event with most of my relatives came .It was a good get together ! Papa had Kohilan Pillai as our VIP .. i guess he was happy to be invited as I rarely see him .. hahahaha The kids were running wild being in an open space that it was difficult for me and Haniza to look after THEM !!

Uncle Hasni was the MC and as usual the excellent perfect job ! There was De-Smenggos live band playing and they were good.Meng sang Pagi ayng Gelap but unfortunately it was a little bit too sumbang !! Hahahaha Lain kali sound check dulu bro !!
And of course , I was the obvious choice to represent the family to give the thank you speech. Initially i refused as it has always been me and i thought of giving Elly or Meng the honour. Mama was however keen for me to do it . This time I did it a bit different , more relaxed and jokes in it !! Hahaha.. I pulled it off and glad that it was ok..

my speech.. thanx Jojo for the pic !!

Thank you everybody for all your help ! As for Dzaeff and Qaisya , they truly enjoyed themselves as when they were put on their seats ; dozed off immediately until now.. ( 9.30am Sunday !! )