Friday, January 09, 2009


I guess its human nature that we take things for granted. Its a norm for us not to be satisfied with what he have ; hungry for achievements and expectations. I'm not saying that we should not aim high but at times we just need to sit back and muhasabbah.. looking back at things around and beyond us. The new year 1430 and 2009 has brought me back down on my knees ; looking at how lucky I am here.
The Israeli - Palestinian issue is not something new. As long as i can remember watching the news on tv ( mm.. maybe I was3-4 at that time ? ) the horrible images of death and innocent children being sacrificed has always been the main selling pictures . Was there any improvement after all these years.. hmm.. i don't think so. People die as how they should but unfortunately , the process was fastenened. We all let it happen and go by us , hoping to forget it by time. I guesswhen its not really happening to us or our closest family ; we'll just like.. nod..and ok , my sympathies.
I'm posted in Paeds ICU for this month and for the past week , I have been reviewing the unfortunate babies with chronic problems.. few in there for months ie since birth ! Its sad to see what they had to go through and seeing them smile at you eventhough they can;t breath very well .. hmm..sayu.. Its just not about them but about those who love them too.. parents.. family members , guardian; all going through the test of their life. Seeing all this make me realize and I guess , thankful for what god had given me.
I'm blessed with a wife , two healthy children , healthy living family members and I am in a country where the chances of my family being bombed or shot at very minute in probability. How lucky can one be ? but again.. how often do we say grace and thankful for that ? Memang insaf la... hahahaha seriously...

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