Friday, January 16, 2009

Tough choice.. tough reaction..

I happened to be involved in a dear friend's father's care at the hospital. He is very ill ; a grave prognosis is in sight if he does not recover from the current sepsis. He is in bad shape and by statistics , it is almost impossible for him to recover to who he was before. My friend will arrive late tonight from overseas and most likely I will bring him to ICU tonight.
I know that the family had a difficult time when the father left them donkey years ago. The hurt is deep and the scar never healed. Ady was close to me when we were overseas ; in fact my mum treated him as family when he came to Leicester during the holidays. His life story is heartbreaking and sad but I guess he made his peace along the way. I remembered the tears in his eyes when we talked about the past then. His dad became really sick and was in ICU 15 years ago ; I guess it was difficult for him to just ignore and erase him from his life. Ady became the remained connection between the abandoned and the current . If he had not done so ; maybe both sides would deny each other's existence. The experience was very traumatising and I guess I can see why it can be difficult to just forgive and forget.
True stories like this are real and I guess every action we do has its own equal reaction. Maybe not immediate but is due and will happen as we lead on. Its easy to just give in to temptation ; but the consequenses will remain till the end of day.
Azad was itchy to get on his ride again and the "receipt" was just an excuse to let the wild roam ! It was good fun being the pillion rider on his mighty Zephyr !!

This pic was taken literally seconds before it went off at midnite !! Lucky me !!


DocYana said...

Do send my warmest regard to Ady (and of course Nurrun)....

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