Friday, February 13, 2009

Home Alone

Alhamdulillah .. I feel better now. in fact i feel great ! With regards to my chicken pox , the lesions are drying up but not fully. I guess I'm still infective at the moment , and its hazardous to my patients if I go to work now so belasah je la MC yg dah bagi tu.. hhahaha
I miss my family.. I miss my wife , I miss both Dzaeff and Qaisya.. wuhuhuhu..and to top it up I miss my baby ! I haven't seen much of her yet but I can't wait to smell know the baby smell.. hmmmm...
I've done nothing much ; except sitting hours in front of this computer. In a way , its a good break that I'm finishing my data entry for my study.Its a very tedious job typing one by one , crunching the numbers in SPSS ! However , if not for this illness that forced me to stay put at home I would not have done it ! Leceh giller typing in the thousands of numbers.. I never thought it would be so much work until few days back ! Part ni yg lemah nak buat research ni.. :) However I need to settle it this month to complete my Abstract for KK in July..
I've managed to do two bouts of run this week. One was two days back with Azad when he came about to Kelana Jaya . We did the two full rounds and its good to sweat it out again. In fact , its the cross country this weekend so I needed the mile to re"sort" my body. Today I did my usual 7.5km route around SS2-Kelana Jaya. Its true what they say , once you discover and realize your own fitness ; its a nice feeling to push yourself and run it out !! Wow.... the adrenaline was good.. :)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the baby. Look's like you are getting better now. Try not to push yourself too hard while you are still recovering, but do enjoy the run..:)