Sunday, February 15, 2009

FTAAA Cross Country Lake Gardens 15/2

Well , I can't say I've recovered 100% but I do feel well . MY lesions on the face is almost invisible , so nobody would think I just had chicken pox ! I've registered for this run , and as a first timer ; I cannot resist the temptation to join the fun on a Sunday morning !
Kamal picked me , Azad and Mafiz up from my place after Subuh. Everybody was excited to hitch the ride on a BMW 5 series ! Gila jakun.. !! Hahahahaha

Ruslan and Halim was early and because of the "inside-information" we managed to park our car very near to the starting line. I guess the cros country is not in eveybody's calendar making it a "niche" thingy and thats why at 7am we were able to park our car conveniently !
We started the race at 740am ( 10 minutes late ) and everybody was sprinting ! I was wary of my pace thus running at my own sweet time till the time of a steep climb to the Planetarium !! Maaakkk aaiii... I had splinting of my diaphragm post climbing and was literally struggling to catch my breath ! Tu la pasal nama run ni cross country ! I was ok and at 2 km to go ; it was only 40 minutes.. bule buat personal best ni !
Unfortunately , due to my inexperiece , its the jungle trek " real cross country " now ! We were literally walking through the path ( very similar to Bukit Gasing and Genting Trailblazer path ! ) ..massive traffic jam ! There were may people in my line and everybody was walking. I was annoyed with one lady behind me. She kept pushing and trying to overtake when I know she was not even a candidate for the podium. She tried to push and overtake but of course , I played dummy and disallowed it. C'mon la.. even if she overtook me she will still be walking in front of me in the very long line of people !
And then came the LECAK !! WWAAAAHHH.. habis kasut cantik !! Hahahahahaha

I spent a lot of time in the jungle trail , costing me to finish the run in 65 minutes ! Itcould have been faster if not for the traffic. Mafiz was in front of me by 1 or 2 minutes. Kamal , Azad , Halim and Ruslan were happy to finish the race by smiling at the finish line !
We waited for everybody to arrive and it was sweet ! Everybody in the group was happy with their time ; Jamil got 48th place and received his medal !! Cayalah bro !!!
See you next week aahh at the KL city run !!

balik naik kereta Kamal..


mafiz said...

kasut dah basuh smalam for next week's race!! hehe

Dr.M said...

mine smlm lepas u keluar kereta, terus gosok bagi bersih !!

dochisyam said...

Hi Mafeitz,
well done. But the FTAA cross country tak banyak cross country sangat la. Mainly cross fields and a few semak samun je kan?
I guess the race nearing actual cross country would be Trailblazer.
What is the next race?

Dr.M said...

doc... u;'re right. mmg byk lalu on tarmac jer. only a small fraction mmg masuk betul dlm hutan tgh2 bukit tunku tu , mcm bukit gasing and trailblazer tapi VERY MINoR !!

bro.. next run would be KLcity run this weekend. tak masuk ke ? RM5 je.. hahaha tak dpt sponsor baju they said..