Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting it on..

My finals will be starting on the 5th of May. Thats like less than 3 months from today.
Revision is ongoing but its not easy; being middle aged, family of 5 and of course lots of other excuses.. hahaha
Honestly, its so easy to deviate my attention to other things and activities which has always been my "core" of life. I've always been a part time student, full time activities type of guy which nearl brought me down to my knees in the past. I survived that and now I am back in it. I hope I don't fall into that trap but being older ( not sure about the wiser part still.. haha) makes one more mature in handling multi tasks.
I am still going for my aim this year.. to finish a marathon and of course mountain climbing activities which gives me the different type of satisfaction.
I guess.. all this to compensate Liverpool's woeful season.. hahaha