Sunday, January 03, 2010

Caring for the ill

1Malaysia+UN team..hahaha

Looking back, i just realized that I did not blog about my ICU posting for December. I'm not sure whether it was because I lost the enthusiasm to blog last month or ICU was just a turn off for me to blog. After the one month stint in IJN, I was certainly looking forward for last month's posting.
A lot of colleagues are not keen to be placed in ICU especially during this last 5 months before our finals. That somehow I do not understand. Its busy in ICU but it has its rewards too. I guess the thought of trying to think what is best for the patient may not suit anaesthetists who likes things to be done and no after thoughts.
Somehow if one cares enough there is a sense of attachment. I do call my colleagues at work during my off days enquiring updates of certain patients. I really don't know why we practiced this last month! Hahahaha Dedication you may call it but at times it is not healthy!
I must say, i had an enjoyable time with my team : Kit Yin, Yan Wei, Shakti and Sama as each of us bonded in a way.. hahahaha Thak you guys for making the posting something to be looked back. I guess when we were left like headless chicken( no lecturers posted in December!) we came together and somehow tried our best to help whoever came through us(transit back to ward or higher above).
Now.. I have 5 months before I take my finals.. and forthe last 2 months it was certainly an evaluation of my purpose in being an anaesthetist. IJN was abut getting me to be humble again with role models of who i wanna be..and ICU was the reinforcing moment for me to pick up my skills before I "neglect" them in these coming months..

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Anonymous said...

i think that even when we are in our fifties, we will be talking about december 2009!
God willng, we will work together again