Sunday, December 06, 2009

Natrah.. a history that should not be forgotten..

I saw the advert for this play many months ago when I was watching Jamal Abdillah's show in Istana Budaya. I was a keen follower of her story many years ago when it was being brought up by the now defunct Dewan Masyarakat.( whatever happen to it ah? I owe a lot of my Bahasa Malaysia writing languagestyle to them..) I have always thought the tragedy then was a difficult issue to answer and unfortunately, due to the lack of understanding from both the Malays and the English government many unfortunate lives were lost.. Its always easy to ignite a fight but looking back, you know that the issue will always be about poor communication skills..
Of course, with Maya Karin being the lead act hahahah ( wifey sure kata hmmm.. I love you dear!!) I cannot miss the show!
Overall, I enjoyed it a lot.. I love the monologues especially with the three of them on stage. Umi Aida, Samantha Schubert( i have pic with her too..) and Maya Karin expressing their feelings. Sofia Jane did her monologue scenes well; with wifey expressing exactly what she was trying to tell us.. CONFUSION!! None of them are wrong.. none of them were manipulating anybody else.. The mother's view, the carer's view and of course, Natrah herself. Of course, those who love Nur Kasih will love Mansor Adabi played by Remy Ali hehehe
The issues were well discussed and well potrayed by Eirma Fatima ( the spelling on the publicity brochure!!) and I thought it was a mature play. Of course, only those who knew the whole story would appreciate the play more than those who came to experience the tragedy for the first time.
I had to buy the book which was written by the same author who went to look for Natrah 10 years ago.. Its a history piece and tragedy such as this should be well remembered and reserached, for my information so that i can tell my grandchildren to retell the story to theirs..

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