Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Good Day Australia!

Au revoir Malaysia, Good Day Perth!

I woke up early that morning, mama woke us up for Subuh. Dzareif the baby was with us.The kids were with their nenek, not knowing that they will be seeing me physically the last time that morning. Wifey just came back from Phuket earlier and I guess did not gauge much sleep.

We went off to KLIA in my car. Both Papa and Mama followed but did not stay long; the usual practice for my family members. Mak, Abang, Yo and Adik came along as it is in their tradition that any family members going abroad for some time they will all be at the airport. Azam was late but I really do appreciate his effort as I saw him puffing away when he arrived as I was waiting at the escalator to board the immigration. Thank you again. The kids were very casual about it, I guess they’ve sent me many times to the airport and thought I would be coming back 2-3 days later with presents for them. As I walk to my Gate, I felt a bit sad realizing I’m leaving behind my kids.

I took MAS and glad I did that as the flight was half empty. In fact, I had the whole 5 seater for myself! More worthy than a first class or business class seat! Hahaha The flight was short, about 5 hours to arrive in Perth International Airport. There was a heavy traffic in KLIA so we were delayed by almost an hour!

It was a breeze through the immigration. I guess my e457 visa did help to ensure the custom officers that I’m here not to destroy their ecosystem or introduce a destructive species in their land! As I came out from the door bringing my luggage with me, hmm.. guess I’m here now to proceed with my latest adventure of my life. Quickly I bought myself both prepaid phone and mobile broadband because that will be my lifeline for the next week. This is especially true in settling lots of things! Oh.. how we’ve depend on the internet so much that you cannot live or start life without it!

“Welcome to Perth.. Macha!!” Jayaraj greeted me with joy on hearing my voice. After giving specific instruction, I was on my way to Barracks Street (to which at that time I did not have a clue where in the hell it was!) It was nice of him to wait for me and he offered me to stay at his place for a number of days before I get my accommodation. To Ching Bee and Jayaraj, My upmost gratitude for your help and I know I will not be able to repay such kindness! Thank you again.. Later that night, we were off to Wembley Food Court to enjoy Malaysian dinner as most of the dishes there were Malaysian based cooks!

And that was my first day in Perth…

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