Monday, August 29, 2011

Journey to endevour Part 2

Who would have thought? Without FANZCA i can work in Australia. I can either now consider taking Part 2 with exemption from Part 1 as I've passed my Masters, or look for some short course that would complement my Fellow job there.
Lets get back to the story about applying for a job there. IELTS is a very important requirement. According to APHRA's rules, to work as a medical practitioner there, we have to fulfill getting 7 in all components.(IELTS band score has 4 components; Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking). So i thought, shouldn't be difficult isn't it? Hahaha well, if your english is not super excellent or if in 1119 exams you did not score A, berhati-hati di jalan raya!
I assumed that i should be able to fulfill that standard easily without practice. but boy was i wrong. I took the exams in two centers, British Council in KL and IDP in Subang. Initially, there were rumours that its easier to score in British Council centers. Unfortunately I've proven them wrong by passing in IDP rather than in British Council.
My total band score will always be 8 but i had to retake the exams because my writing component was 6.5 twice. missed by a mere 0.5! Sapa tak stress? Well, its my fault as well. I took it for granted and by not obeying formats here and there, i guess thats why i scored less than required. Ive never had any problems with the other components, consistently scoring at least 8. Listening was easy to score as i obtained full 9 in two last attempts.
Honestly, i nearly did not go to Perth because of this! and if it was because of the mere 0.5 points punyalah tak puas hati ! hahahaha
Moral of the story, to those who wants to apply; please sort out your IELTS first before asking for a job. The hospital admin is not an issue, it will be the licensing body which is AHPRA.

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