Friday, August 05, 2011

UiTM cathlab.. officially in service

26 July 2011 was another chapter in the faculty history book. It was when the faculty started their invasive cardiac lab services. It was a proud moment especially for the dean as this is his pet project. I was there as well because Level 4 is my territory. The Dean wanted anaesthetist cover eventhough I was not informed nor in the minds of those who planned to start the services there. hahaha I had to rush from UM but nevertheless I was proud to witness the historical moment. Anaesthetists are essential to any OT/Invasive services that one wants to start. If anything goes wrong, who da ya call? Anaesthetist! hahaha Somehow, after many years of service, we are not really highligted as the core of medical services. I guess, we are just honest doctors - serving our patients and not attention seeking doctors! hahaha kononnya low profile la tu!
Kudos to Zubin ,Kamal and Effa - the young stalwarts of UiTM Cardiology with the commencing of Angio services in UiTM. Now.. lets just wait for our first case together.. haha ( not something that we should look forward to!) Now, its the CTS team next.. Adli & Abid :)

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