Monday, August 29, 2011

Another journey to endevour Part 1

It was confirmed last Friday. I will be going off to Perth this coming Sunday. Duration? Perhaps one year. Why? A Fellow job there.
I must thank Shakti for this. It was him who encouraged me to have a go at applying jobs in Australia. I was sceptical earlier, since I'm not in the FANZCA programme like most of them who are there now. It is possible for Masters of Anaesthesia holders in Malaysia to get a job in Aussie land because of our strong historical linkage in its training programme.
It all started in January when I said to him, ok fine. what should i do?He told me to just shoot emails to the heads of department around the country indicating my interest with my CV attached. I did exactly that and of course did not feel hopeful about it.In fact I only emailed to 3 HODs as I'm not too good in accepting rejections!
To my surprise, not long after that i had 2 email replies. And to my surprise they were very encouraging. I had thought it was for 2012 but the vacancies were for 2011! I was excited and had to choose between Royal Perth and Western Health in Melbourne. After a lot of thought, I chose Perth because the services they provide there were more suited for what my center is and will be. It was not easy to reject Western Health as he did actually call me up for a short interview. He was very nice but I guess i had to choose what was more suitable.
The bereaucracy of the Australian Health Regulation was very evident from the first day. I was warned by my HOD and it was what i concentrated on from the start. The paperwork is tedious and i was trying to play catch up because I only had few months to settle everything.
And then there was IELTS.. hahaha this I will elaborate on Part 2.

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