Friday, August 05, 2011

History makers of CTC UiTM

11 May 2011 was a historical day for the faculty. It was when we started UiTM's first ever surgery on UiTM's premise. After a long tiring battle of problems which was not of our doing, we managed to be the ones who will be in the history book.

I am glad that the things that we have been preparing for became a reality. It was not easy considering the team members; surgeons, anaesthetist, supporting staff who were mostly young ( haha.. i prefer this word) but nevertheless enthusiastic. Being the anaesthetist to give the first GA for our first ever patient in UiTM OT is a priviledge. I am sure Ramzi and Hashim ( the General Surgeons) were happy and proud to be there as well. I must thank all the nurses and supporting staff for their contribution for making the dream into a reality.

Of course, the main course would be our first CABG here. That is another big history to create and Insya Allah, it will soon be a reality.

pep talk

young team and talented

LMA je..

Kudos to Ramzi and Hashim for giving me a "unique" case in line with UiTM tradition!


kewl said...

Salam, I wanna ask about HO training..

I'm thinking of doing HO at PPUM. wut do think? some people said u won't really learn there?? since you have to fight to do the procedures. do u get to do/ learn alot of things at university hospitals? such as UMMC or HUKM?

PPUM vs.Hosp.putrajaya/serdang??? or HUKM is better? where do u recommend?

thnks. ---graduating med student.

Mafeitz Mamat said...

Yes it is true that you will not learn much if you do your housemanship in university hospitals. KKM hospitals would serve u better 1000x.
However, with the influx of HOs now and the commencement of the shift system, whatever you will gain will be totally different from ours.
We maybe were the dark times but the experience gained then made us better doctors.
Good luck for your coming training")