Thursday, October 13, 2011

New look to the blog

I decided to have a bit of make over to my blog.However, i still would like to have the old picture as my background as my blog grew with it. It was the picture i took in one of the old OTs in HKL during Anaesthesia Day celebrations in my first year of Anaesthesia.To me it is a classic as I have both Thiopentone and atracurium vials as my central object.If i show this to my junior trainees in RPH, they would not have seen either of those recently!

With the refurbishment, i was able to view the stats of my blog; seeing how many posts and how many views so far.Not that surprising to see the fall of my own postings correlating with the decreasing number of views.. hahaha (buat statistical evaluation la pulak!)I do reckon that facebook and tweeter has revolutionised social media making blog a thing of the past.I do find relevance in blogs and Insya Allah will try to continue this.In fact, its for my children to view when they are old enough to know what their old gomer was up to :)

Taa... ( a recent lingua i learnt :)

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