Sunday, October 23, 2011

MM127hours-John Forrest Heritage trail 22/10

The trip was organized again by the Hiking Club of WA and initially I had reservations. The walk was longer (16km) and I’ve browsed the net and found out that the track can be really bare. However, after looking at the weather forecast which was to be gloomy and not too hot, I decided to follow.The pictures that were on the net took my interest and I figure it is one of the trips that one cannot resist.
The start of the day nearly became a disaster when after coming out from the apartment, I realized that my transperth card is missing.I quickly went back and found it in the shorts I wore last wekk who had underwent wash! Went back to the train station and I guess by having my watch to be 5 minutes earlier, I was not late after all! Just a bit of the initial adrenaline rush. The train took me to the last stop of the Midlands line and again I’m back in Midlands station.Internet was spot on when my bus arrived on time at 825 and off I was to the stop nearest to the Pechey road car Park.
Met up with the group led by Danuta.The ones from last week, Jennifer and Maria was there.We were joined by Alan and Anne and that was the hiking group today! The weather looked well despite the earlier showers and thunderstorm.I was hoping for the trek to be of as such because if it becomes too hot then the long trail would be punishing.
We started the John Forest Heritage trail via the Swan View Tunnel.The trek was initially a railway track which has been abandoned a long time ago.The track used to be the main communication line across Perth and Western Australia.It has lots of history with it. Going through the tunnel was really cool as it really felt like seeing the “light at the end of the tunnel”! It was dark and the only guide was the other end.We quickly went through it which was 380m long.
Immediately on the track, Jennifer gave me a small broken branch. I did not understand why and asked but she told me, “you’ll know what its for..” And in an instant.. yup.. THE FLIES! It was early spring and the flies are in their biggest crowd. It was all over your face and really irritating your eyes and face! Hahaha To think that it was a ritual to have the small branches with you.
We continued the walk and passed by the falls which was amazing.It was not as high as last weeks but it was a typical bush falls. We had a short break at the Hovea falls but quickly enough, Danuta was strict in her timing that we left there almost immediately. We arrived in Parkesville Tavern an hour earlier than expected and I  really did have enough rest there.Jerome and his sister met us for lunch there and they came with two other senior members of the club! After a long session of chatting and joking we were off back to the trail.Making a reverse to John Forrest tavern in Hovea falls. I was lucky to have met fe kangaroos who crossed our path.Hahaha tak sangka Nampak wild kangarool.. cam doll betul!
After an ice cream break, we were off back to where we started.We managed to complete the 16km walk well, and I was glad I did not feel to tired or exhausted.It was comfortable and I was glad I did follow this week. Thank you again Hiking Club of WA !


petite girl said...

love your blog Dr!

Mafeitz Mamat said...

thanx :) not that many people read blogs anymore.Its just joy to put it down in words one's experience and life journey.