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Intro bushwalking FAQ

Amende bushwalking ni? According to wikipedia its just another term used to describe hiking.Its associated with bush because of the type geographical landscape one goes through during the trip.Yang cool about bushwalking is the ones where you cover a long distance, there is no such thing as designated tracks.Gile kena pakai map! Im not at that stage yet but hopefully I will be doing at least one of those.

"The bushwalker may justly claim that this pastime is one of the very few that develops both the mind and the body. It takes him far away from the hustle and bustle of the modern city, and he may tread in places where no white man has trodden before. He learns to appreciate the strange, peaceful charm of the Australian bush, known only to those who seek its virgin spots, and he realises that man and his civilisation form a small part only of a wonderful creation"

(below taken from FAQ bushwalking

What is 'the bush'?
"Bush" is just an Australian term for our unique combination of Eucalypt forests, wildflowers and scrub.

What is Bushwalking?

Bushwalking covers a very wide range of terrain in Australia: from the heat (and rain) of Far North Queensland to the wild territory (and more rain) of South West Tasmania; from desert walking to ski touring, from easy track walking in rolling country to canyoning in the Blue Mountains, and so on. Needs differ - not surprising with a continent the size of ours.

"Bushwalking" means walking through the Australian bush: other countries call it something else (hiking, tramping, trailing ...) because they do not have our "bush". Aspiring hard walkers may be interested to know that Australian bushwalkers do have a bit of a reputation - or at least our bush does. Some overseas companies will not release some of their lighter gear in Australia because our bush is too rough. Apparently, walking in some countries usually means "on a track", rather than "off track". Bunch of wusses.

And from where did we get this term 'Bushwalking'? I thank Anthony Dunk and Tom Brennan for the following.

The word "bushwalking" is derived from the title of the first hiking club in Sydney which was open to both genders. This club, formed in the late 1920's, was originally called the Waratah Walking Club, but then changed its name to "Bush Walkers". Later the name of the club was changed to Sydney Bush Walkers (SBW).

.Apa laga... jom la bushwalking!

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