Thursday, October 13, 2011

Alfatihah to Kharis@Tuan Senang Besar TSB

I was busy all morning in the vascular OT.Somehow, there are certain places in RPH OT where my vodaphone is non existant.Reminded me a lot of Maxis and Sungai Buloh hospital. I was not aware of the event until I went for my break.
And i was stunned when I read the tweets.. and FB notices..
a fellow friend...a fellow blogger..
I was shocked and cant believe hearing the news.But it was true, Arwah Kharis passed away this morning during his daily jogging routine.
I may not have known him like most of the ones who wrote long tributes to him, but good enough to be able to describe how he generally is. We've never really were in any institutions together, but we had mutual friends. I guess my first encounter with him was during the post SPM BTN course in Meru Klang. It was a good group where we had a mixed group of post SPM students from around PJ and KL to be together. We were in the same group and we rocked! The group were a mixed lot of BBGS,SMTTDI,BB and VI boys which i thought went well especially after the course.He was in PPP UiTM and after i left for UK, we were not destined to meet.

The past few years we crossed each other's path again. He was in fact very close to a cousin of mine, Amin who were partners in crime during the Reformasi days.I still remember how come I was at Amin's place during one of the earlier raya gathering! He was of course astonished with the fact that Amin & I are cousins :)

I met him again when I started to run again.He was almost in all runs that I've joined at one time.He was always cheerful and no matter how crap the run was, he was always honest about it! He is definitely better than me as he's done the Triathlons before.He is also a keen photographer and organizer ; just as how I met him again during X-TERRA 2009.

Of course his passion is cycling and i can remember vividly a conversation i had with him on FBback in 2008, he can spend hours talking about bikes and rides..:

TSB encouraged me to just go for the 21km when i had my doubts then! Met him one day and was telling him about me not too sure joining the KL Marathon 21km; an upgrade after the 10kms that I've done.

"Bro.. aku boleh takkan kau tak boleh?".

Takkan tak inspired kot hearing that?

Honestly, i can't imagine how his family is taking it right now,especially his young daughter.I pray for his soul to be amongst the solehins in the here after.Allah has better plans for you. Au revoir my dear friend and Insya Allah we'll meet again,somewhere somehow.


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Mahmood Zulkifli said...

Salam Mafeitz,

This is the first time I am writing about TSB since that Thursday morning 13th October. I have known TSB for a very long long time. 29 years. I was absolutely upset coz TSB was like a brother to me. I practically grew up in his family home in Kelana Jaya. His family was like my family. These past 3 years we started running together. Sunday mornings we run the Lake Gardens. We were in Bersih 2.0 together. We got sprayed with chemicals. Why I feel really bad is that I didnt get to see him for the last time. I flew out to Cape Town on the 10th and somehow, I just don't know why I didnt speak to him before leaving. Sorry I can't put this in words but I have lost a ol' friend who was... I miss you Kharis. My doa and prayers for you. May Allah bless you soul.