Sunday, October 16, 2011

MM127-Lesmurdie Falls

I had the inspiration to go for this walk after picking up the Top Trails brochure in Perth Hill National Park. I was looking through the trails and zoomed on the trails which was possible for me to go to using the public transport.I am not planning to get a car but I might be if I have more plans to explore the various National Parks in Western Australia. Lesmurdie Falls looked tempting and after surfing for infos about it I decided to spend my Sunday outdoors again. It was earlier predicted that it will be the hottest October in many years and I just could not resist the temptation!
I wanted to go earlier but unfortunately the earliest bus was at 945 am! Sunday service starts late to respect the previous night out for Australians I guess! The frequency was also bad that I had to do a compressed trip OGKL-style in this trip.

I had to take the bus (ROUTE 283) from  Esplanade station and as early as 9am I was off from my apartment. I reckon I’ve been really keen on travelling around Perth that I’ve tried all kinds of different transport.I just need to ride on the ferry to complete my Transperth service.

The bus ride took me 30 minutes and I went down at the small bus stop which is along the Lesmurdie Road following the Kalamunda route.I did not have a map with me physically but I memorized it from my Internet search the night before. I am lucky that I can rely on this because if it is not, I might get lost! It was a long 2 km walk before I arrive at the Mundy Regional Park  car bay and it was already starting to get hot.It was 11am. I looked through the trails available and figured that I should do that all in a short time! The next bus was at 1258 and the one after that 1458! I don’t want to spend 4 hours with 34o on top of my head! Well.. ni semangat OGKL boleh la ni!
I took the Valley Loop trail to reach the Shoulder View Point. Looking back, maybe I spent too much time here taking pictures and that affected me a lot! It was beautiful to be on the highest point looking at the view of Lesmurdie and Perth city. I then decided that I should go to the bottom of the falls because I reckon it would be nice and beautiful! I was rushing through and running downhill.It was steep and I had to slow down as flashes of 127 hours came about! If I had fallen and as the phone reception is so bad, I might not be found until much later if I got injured! Hahaha
It was a nice trek and reached a river point.I first ever river in WA! I followed the trail till I reach the waterfall and masya-Allah,it was so beautiful! If I had more time, I would have taken a dip in the water but in a way I was restricted by time.I sat there enjoying the waterfalls which was beautiful. The amazing weather made it more interesting. I may have sit there longer than I should and when I looked at my watch, I panicked!
I quickly went up the trail which was up and up and up.. hahaha Pewaaiii tu mencanak jugak trek! Unfortunately I took a different route which caused my shoes to be dirty! Alamak.. sesat la pulak! I tracked back and followed the trek back to the falls point. From there on, I moved on swiftly but I was panting aall the way too! Hahahaha A supposed to be relaxing trip became a hardcore trekking not for the faint hearted!(met the guy I saw earlier who was waiting with champagne and lunch romantic set on top of the falls viewing point)
Reaching the starting point, I brisk walked uphill to the bus stop. At  times I tried to run but it was taxing me physically! Gile stress! And to top it up it was damn hot too! I managed to arrive at the stop and waited for the bus.Wow, a slight adrenaline rush for me today!
Went back to the apartment, knackered! Hahaha took my shower and I am all ready for the RWC semi final match up between All Blacks and the Wallabies.

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