Sunday, October 30, 2011

CHOGM n the Queen was in town..

It was the CHOGM weekend in Perth.A big celebration for western Autralia as events such as this is very rare here. The Queen's birthday which was supposed to be earlier this month was shifted to allow an extra holiday for Perthians.Since it is in town and I am in the middle of it, i reckon i should embrace and try to be a part of it.Otherwise, how do i explain myself to miss such an occasion and I'm like at home?
The town was packed with people from all over and on Saturday, The Great Aussie BBQ was held in Esplanade. Me and CHing Bee took the opportunity to join the crowd and see what it is all about.A definite uncommon sight as the roads were congested with people. We were not really waiting for the Queen but when our path was blocked because the Queen was scheduled to go through the route, I managed to capture it in my mind her waving as she passed by.Unfortunately, this did not materialie in the picture i took!
 I'm glad i took the trouble as it was just electrifying to see the wave of people in Esplanade.We did not manage to be in the main area but the big screen was good enough and certainly clear.
ANd of course, I can tell my children..I was there!

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