Sunday, June 17, 2007

Whole day affair

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It was a beautiful ceremony ; eventhough it was twice as much ! Her "potong jambul" & aqiqah went on smoothly from morning till afternoon. Mama decided to invite 2 marhaban groups to recite and pray for Qaisya on two different times - one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. A wee bit two much for the kid but she managed to cope with it well ! Mama wants her first grandaughter to be celebrated in a grand manner !!! I was a merely photographer as the event was dominated by women .... Men ? makan je la kerja !! hahahaha..




I was already tired by 3 pm but the show must go on ! It rained heavily but not as bad as last weekend. Food was adequate and nice. The combination of beryani with the roasted lamb was excellent that i now regret for not consuming more !! Dzaeff became crankier as the day went by but i would not blame him as the overstimulation was obvious ! However Qaisya was impressive with her cool calm display .

I must thank my fellow kamchengs for turning up in full force yesterday ! Thank you very much for making the event a memorable one ! It was good to catch up with each other especially returning the famous "TTDI LAUGH" while yassin was recited inside !! Hahahaha...

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