Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A typical 3am scenario

The triage counter staff nurse and MA pushed a young lady who seemed unconcsious into my resus at 3 am in the morning.

"Hello miss... hello...?"

No response..

"Open your eyes. miss .. open your eyes.... "
No response..

pressing your fist on her sternum.. with a substantial amount of force..
"Hello miss... hello ... ? "

Still no response.Her vitals are normal ; heart rate , blood pressure , O2 saturation 100%. Her chest is rising as how a normal person breaths. GCS .. ( Glascow Coma Scale ) ..still a bit dodgy.

"Ni apa cerita ni ? " I asked.
"OD ( overdose ) doc.. katanya dia telan banyak Paracetemol 2 jam lepas.." she showed me the PCM strip which has none in it.

Tried to open her eyelids but there was resistance. Success..but she sort of moved her eyeballs to avoid my small torch. Lifted up her left arm and dropped it on her face .. automatically she managed to avoid hitting herself..

"Ini GCS full ni.... Amik darah banyak-banyak sikit..."

" NO doctor... don't poke me !!!! " She suddenly woke up and pulled her hand away !! Everybody just smiled.



mz ayam said...

adoi...macam ini punya olang pun ada kaaa? ;-)

Azman said...

Fuiyoh! Improvisation at its best!

Azad said...

Hahaha... mental case ke ni?