Thursday, June 28, 2007


transform....and roll out !!!!

I was fortunate that Azam had 4 tickets for the transformers the movie premiere in midvalley mega mall last night. It was my childhood relived again in that 2.5 hours. I was excited before the show and the enthusiasm showed through my deep concentration into the movie !!

My review :

BEST !!!!! CAYALAH !!!
Everytime they transform , i would scream ( in my heart je lah ) feeling so excited !!!
the battle scenes were excellent..
PRIME's deep voice ( as played by the original ) was really kewl..
Jazz , Ironhide , BUmble bee fuiiyyooo....
Starscream in this movie is really kewll..
And Megatron.. brief appearance but I love him !!!

plot : a bit funny lah with allsparks , the cube.. lain sikit dari the original.
Minibots the new addition n i reckon very kewl !!

Allo geng !! Cepat2 la gi tengok... nak debate ni.. tak sabar ..:)
"One shall stand , and one shall fall...."


ikmal said...

seronok baca your blog. Now I am really excited to watch it

mafiz said...


Azad said...

Must've been really cool! I checked out all the trailers and I'm dripping saliva to watch it.

sbanboy said...

I am planning to watch the movie again and again and again ...hehe

Rodrigo said...

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Stupe said...

bang...i will try to catch it soonest. Transformer is our era la...what if jems and the hologram buat movie, amacam, mau tengok?

Maswafi Abd Samat said...

Tuan Doktor!

1. Aku nak minta maaf berbanyak kerana:-
2. Aku rasa blog kau macam PPUM
3. Aku curi gambar dalam picasa mu masuk dalam picasa aku. hee..he...
4. Nantilah aku kutuk tuan doktor dimasa yang lain.

Yang beriman


鐵火卷John said...