Monday, July 02, 2007

Pak Long's bundle of joy !!!

My heartiest congratulations to Azam ( bro in law ) for the arrival of ( name yet to be announced!! ) his lovely baby girl on Saturday 30th of June 2007. I missed it though as I was on duty in the UMMC ER ! Wish i was there too... :) I'll visit my first ever niece soon..

Looks like Qaisya will now be the best"test" of friends with her new cousin . Dzaeffran ? Sorry boy.. I suppose Pak Long's attention to you will not be as before !! hahahahaha...

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Pak Long said...

Name announced already.. Alanna Citra Raqiya ;-)

I really should start a blog on her, I should..I think..;-)

Back to work *sighs*