Monday, July 30, 2007

A pleasant surprise

It has the jejak kasih screenplay written all over as I had a surprise reunion with my best friend when i was in standard one , SRKDU !! haks..

I had a lady who underwent caesarean the other day which was the normal daily routine in this rotation. Somehow , when i flicked through her medical notes , i saw her husband's name which stimulated my memory neurons... Wan Adli.. a best friend who simply dissapeared when we entered standard 2 !! I cannot recall what happened to him ; just that he did not turn up when we resumed class !!

Anyway , his wife did ask me a favour of reciting azan to their newly born baby which i gladly did ( my practice anyway) and when i was done with that , i quickly went out of the OT and met him. Ohh.. he still looked the same but obviously he did not recognize me :)

I introduced myself after congratulating him and he was so shocked to have discovered , the doctor who anaesthetized her wife was an old friend of his !!!


Stupe said...

If you think that's freaky...a friend had the same doctor that delivered him, to deliver his son, and now, his second kiddo, also due soon and will be delivered by the same doctor!!!!


and it's nice to meet old friends again eh?

mz ayam said...

Good memory you have; I can't even remember the name of my ex boyfriend. huhuhuhu

Dr.M said...

stupe : hakss.. not coincidence anymore !!! yup.. its nice 2 c old friends esp when u least xpected it !!

mz : i c dead people.. hahahaha...