Wednesday, August 01, 2007


It has been raining heavily these past few days , and my power window ; which at one time was OK suddenly broke down.. I was unable to lower any of my car window.. wtf ???

And yes.. I own a PROTON... and it is about 1.5 years old..

Hmmm.. maybe the downpour somehow short circuited my fuse ;- test it at home.. don't think its the fuse. Otherwise , every other electric dependant functions were ok except for my power window.
Brought to my favourite ah beng workshop to check. He meddled.. and meddled.. and looked very puzzled. For about half an hour !!!

" Abang.. kita mau check lagi la... maybe 3 4 jam ka.."
"Wah.. lamanya !! Nanti apa kena tukar karang ?? "
"Takda..bukan.. sume barang ok takda rosak ! ni skrg kena check itu wayar..tak tau mana ada putus.. "
" Putus ?? camana bule putus.. ?? "
" Proton maahhh.... "

True enough , he managed to locate the point where the circuit was not complete !! And his diagnosis was right.. and that was the first time I;ve heard and encountered wiring problem in a fairly new car!!!!

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