Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Beautiful event

I would like to thank you to all who came to both mine and Azam's daugther's aqiqah on Sunday afternoon. Its qaisya's second potong jambul ( more hair being cut !! ) - this one held at my mother in-law's place in DJ. Both of them , Qaisya and Alana looked very elegant and beautiful ; while the group reciting marhaban and verses from Quran.

We started a bit early though ; the time planned was maybe after 10 to about 11 am. However , the marhaban group from Al Ghuffran came at 9.30 am and nobody was ready !! Dzaeffran , Qaisya and Alana had not taken their bath yet ! Wifey was worst ; she was still in her pyjamas !! Obviously everybody panicked and rushed to sort out the kids and that stalled the ceremony for a bit. Otherwise , i think we could have finished earlier !!

Of course , Dzaeff had his own plans and executed his antiques that drew laughter from the crowd ! His mouthful curry puff stunt had everyone in stitches and I had to rescue him and bring him off the centre stage. The food was excellent and I did not waste the opportunity to indulge the roast lamb ; really really melantak !! hahahahahaha...

I was knackered at the end of the event ; especially when everybody has gone back , it was up to the men to bring in the sofas and furnitures inside. I enjoyed the event very much and millions of thanx to my mother in law for organizing such a beautiful event.

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