Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mission impossible

Having to cramp a lifetime worth of knowledge in two weeks is a very tall order. In a way , this intensive course was designed as a revision tool to know what you don't know before the exams in November. And maaannn... the deficiency can be very obvious !!!

Splurting your knowledge out is certainly different from reading and digesting the things that you read. Being able to tell others clearly what the definition , explanation and the answers to fairly simple questions is definitely challenging. More of it being physiology ; where the principles you present will be challenged upon presenting it. And the skill to say the right thing and the right time is certainly valuable and needs lots of practice !!

At times , the lectures given can be mind draining ; trying to squeeze one's 30 year old brain to digest all the important facts is very difficult. And of course the cruncher , when the invited lecturer decided to break the monotonous mood...

" Ok... Let me see... any volunteers to answer my next question ?? "

And just like old times in school , everone will look down to the floor as if looking for something !!!! Hahahahahaha...

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