Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka celebration memories

My blog is 3 years today !! HAppy birthday eih :)

As far as I can remember , I've always enjoyed watching the merdeka celebrations on telly every 31st August morning. I don't think I've written about my memories about my involvement in the celebrations before. I had the opportunity to do so in the fourth form - I reckon the whole batch were "forced" by the school to join in the celebrations. I had my different opportunity ; we had to go for auditions - and I was one of the 7 selected as the RUKUNEGARA oath readers.For 50 years celebration this year , they had 50 on that stage.

Look for me !!!! haks..

they got my name and Fauzi's mixed up..

It was a memorable moment that i will cherish forever. I was so proud standing in front of the Dataran Merdeka royal stage seeing Agong n PM in front of my eyes - my very first close encounter.I cannot remember how nervous I was but I am sure it must have been majorly butterfly in the stomach because i remember going to the Dataran toilet ( which was then VERY DIRTYY !!! ) prior to our appointment !!

I think that was the last year we chanted DAULAT TUANKU x3 after the RUKUNEGARA oath reading. I was smirking in one of the salutes and it was caught on TV much to the dismay of my teachers in school !! hahahaha... Who would ever thought , that cynical smile was a prelude to the constitutional crisis that would erupt later ; thus Daulat Tuanku became a taboo ( in a way ) after that.

Megat in his brass band outfit representing SMS Selangor..

I'm blogging this out , so that one day Dzaeffran and Qaisya will read and see their walid standing really proud celebrating Malaysia's independence..

p/s My next Merdeka wish list was and still is to be one of the ones reciting Merdeka poetry in Dataran Merdeka. but first , I have to win the Sayembara !! How do I do that ? haks.. Anybody can help to make this dream a reality ??


mz ayam said...

Wohoooo. Selamat hari merdeka -- i am sure your kids will be proud of you. Even i was surprised to see you in the paper clipping. hehheheh gone away the skinny body eh?

On another note--happy born day mafeitz's blog. I have been reading your blog since day 1(ok, I exaggarate...hahaha) Can’t really remember how I got to your site, but I have been coming back since....

PS: They should play Warisan more often, no?

Selamat hari merdeka once again.

Dr.M said...

MZ : Salam merdeka.. :) hahahaha.. if you've noticed , weight loss has always been my year to year resolution !!! Thank you for being a reader .. as I am of yours.Its good to have new friends from a different circle !!!

Maswafi Abd Samat said...

Kau ni hensem rupanya waktu sekolah dulu ye! Sekali tengok macam Tom Cruise, dua kali tengok macam Mafeitz. Hee...hee...

Semoga kita sama-sama mensyukuri nikmat kemerdekaan.

ikmal said...

Lal, jambu la.... :)

Dr.M said...

wafi : hahaha.. aku suka blog kau. direct lagi straightforward :) Anyway , semoga kita berjumpa di larian2 mendatang..
mal : haks.. hitam tak qualify la as jambu.. hehehe..

mafiz said...

Waahh...i ingat lagi that time, 2 or 3 times you went for the raptai. Today I realised how great that day was for everyone in school..hehehe..masa skolah dulu budak2..tak rasa significant sangat!