Tuesday, August 28, 2007

MAlaysia 3 SIngapore 1

Woohooo !! I was glad that i went with Dil to watch the MAlaysian boys play against the team on top form ; Singapore in Kelana Jaya MBPJ stadium last night.Its the semis of the Pestabola Merdeka and a must see game. I've never failed to watch the Malaysian team play on important tournaments. ( with exception of the Asia Cup recently ; no point watching our boys outclassed and whipped by China , Iran and Uzbekistan ) The change of venue certainly did not reflect the magnitude of the game which will be displayed.
It was against our old nemesis , and our boy's performance so far has not been that convincing as compared to the Singaporeans. but my my... When the referee blew his whistle to start the game , our players really went all out to win the game.The pitch was wet because of the downpour that followed . The Malaysian tigers who were in their uncharacteristic blue outfit clawed and injured the Young lions really bad. ( btw - why did we wear blue ? But i guess we've been winning in blue and never in our yellow black stripes so far in this tournament... )

It was nice to watch the boys play with passion and pride ; chasing every ball as if there is no tomorrow. Our attackers were fast and skillful , yet confident with the ball as the rush through forwards making impressive runs. The Singapore defence were in shambles ; trying to keep pace with our forwards. And our goals.. my god ; they were beautiful ; and the amount of shots on goal.. impressive and really made me jump of my seat again..and again.. And Dil was at his best; cheering his lungs out and "touchy" remarks to everybody's amazement !!! It was enjoyable.. truly was..

Syabas Malaysia !!!! And FINALS footie date on Wednesday ? Of course... :)

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