Monday, July 30, 2007

The odd one..

The beautiful header completed a dream tournament for a war-ridden country ; IRAQ !! The winner of Asia Cup 2007. I watched the game last night during my call ( which shows how good the call was !! ) and they really deserved the win.

And guess who their coach is ? Hakss.. Viera FAM reject as he was removed and fired few years back after dismal performance of our national team !! Few of our current national team did train under him then ; and we said that he was a lousy coach.. I chose to believe our judgement but obviously , as how things have turned out for Malaysian footie :- we're the f***ed up ones !!!

He coached Malaysia.. we sucked really bad.. He coached Iraq... won the Asia Cup !!! haks.. that tells it all ... The never ending story of how we've deteriorated so bad in football...

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