Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lion King..

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Baby Dzaeffran was swarmed by family members and friends when he arrived home on Sunday !! Thank you guys for coming !! Honestly ; if i were to hold a reception for baby MDQ ; i would certainly do the memorable "Lion King" lift !! ( dunno who'll volunteer to be the baboon though.. hehehe )

1. Mafiz , Rozita , Raidi and little Zidani who certainly made his presence felt !!
2. Ibdil , Eza and baby Sofya who was as charming as ever..
3. Fiqar , Ezuan , Nily , Nor and baby Nurleena .. hehehehe..
4. Nik And Lan

But the most memorable and really touched me was Mak Long who came all the way from Melaka to see baby Dzaeffran. She was suppose to come with En , but En had to go back to Kedah as his grand father in law passed away. So determined that Mak Long called Uncle Nal to drive her to KL.

Thank you Mak Long !!

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LeenaSan said...

hey...baby Nurleena???