Tuesday, November 29, 2005


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I just realized that i have not been updating my blog for 1 week !! haks.. well ,the joy of being a father certainly overtook the enthusiasm for regular blogging ! Wifey was sarcastic by saying how i've neglected my "second wife" aka the computer! haks.. Its a bit difficult to blog for now as i am still adjusting to the new routine. Wifey and Dzaeffran is currently in Mak's place and DJ ; therefore i've been sleeping there everyday since they came back from the hospital. I only go back to SS2 to change and pick up my new clothes for work.. If there is access in mak's place ; i am sure to blog and update !! heks..

Baby Dzaeffra has sized up a lot when compared to his initial size after delivery. Alhamdulillah , he is doing well ; feeding well ; shitting well.. hehehe.. and its always a pleasure to be by him when he is awake. I am lucky not to be awaken too much in the middle of the night to do things.. as wifey brestfeeds the baby ! so alang2 tu.. tukar lampin sekali aah... wonderful sleep mind you..


I was quite emotional on Monday morning ; after my pass over rounds in GICU . I was actually on call on my last day of work in HKL . Eventhough i still have few more days of leave left , i decided not to take it because i appreciated my colleagues in my pool. It was exactly after changing my clothes from my blues ; Only then did i realize that my tenureship in HKL for now is over .I am actually moving on. I did not really announce my current status to the department ; so only a handful knew about my departure. Two years of service in HKL , and i really do appreciate the experience i've gathered so far. So many things learned and so much more to be sought after.

I;ve just reported to the faculty in UiTM Shah Alam today. Well , nothing much to happen as yet.. and hopefully not to be so in the next few days. I have yet to meet my boss ; sometime this week i guess. I have to sort out my masters dcumentations for the June intake . Well , reading a fellow friend's blog certainly gives me the chills and rigors. Macam susah jee... heks.. well , just tekad and go all the way insya allah..

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