Sunday, May 13, 2012

A long gap.. with a good reason

Its 13th of May today.. and my, my.. this is my longest gap in between postings since I've been in Perth. However, in this new age of facebook and twitter, blogging has gone out of fashion. I do wonder if there are still people reading my blog? haha but then again, blogging is not about me looking for your approval but my own "diary" of things that i do, what i feel, my achievements and perhaps one day an archive of sort.

I went back home about a month ago, yup after a 7 month hiatus from the soils of Malaya. It was definitely good to be back home; i do realize how much I love Malaysia seriously! I spent most of my time then at home, just being at home was great.. at least to me. Seeing the antiques of my youngest Dzarief. He is certainly a character of his own and perhaps molded in this initially stage by the maid. I am sure he was confused with my presence initially but then kids are kids.. they'll just get used to it and so easy for them to forgive and forget.

I was honored to be given the opportunity to run a workshop and give a talk during the MSA AGM in Kuantan. I am thankful for the opportunity as I guess at my current stage of career, it is such a proud moment to be shoulder by shoulder with your Professors and senior respected anaesthetists. Of course, before i started my talk - I had the jitters to perform well! hahaha gila takut seehhh... It was with this opportunity i took the family to Kuantan as well. Eventhough its free and may not viewed to be a sincere trip, but as rezeki to me Alhamdulillah!

                                                                Workshop with Julina

                                                                     SIGRA 2011/12

One thing i realized after this trip back home, I do feel missing my kids. And at this stage where they are growing up, I'm missing bits and pieces of their development. It is temporary i know but it is so precious.

I guess that is why people say their children is their will of life or the reason why they go on. I do understand that connotation now and may Allah grant me the strength and ability to guide them to their destiny.

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