Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ALS-OT Simulation workshop - ANZCA ASM workshop 2012

    A number of my friends enquired, why do i look like I'm having a lot of fun here in Perth? What is so special about Perth? Am i working or on holiday? hahaha macam-macam betul la!

My answer to them is, its never the place nor condition. Its how you want it to be.Its that thing i learnt going through a number of camps and leadership thingys when i was younger; to make the best out of the situation.. no regrets!
 I was lucky because being involved with RPH Simulation team I was invited to be part of the ANZCA ( Aussie-NZ College of Anaesthetist) Simulation workshop faculty. It was something that i would not miss it for anything! This the the first time in more than 8 years that Perth became the host and for me to be at the right time and right place.Alhamdulillah.

It was an opportunity seized as I was given the task to be a part of the ALSi ( a special app for ALS education) team. It was fun working with Joe, a consultant from Joondalup and Mike; the brain behind ALS.It was cool to be a part of Simulation 2 where we concentrated on the charging on compression technique as per suggested by the 2010 guidelines.

 We had a team of senior consultants doing this- updating their knowledge and I am really keen to see even at their stage of career, they do come and participate without being embarrassed.I guess this is one of the feature where we asians lack- we have our ego! Its cool to see them actively in the discussion afterwards and I am certainly glad to be involved.
Thank you everybody for a wonderful experience!

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