Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers Day do for MAWA 13 May 2012

 Being part of the DJ team of Radio Melayu, we were given the responsibility to host the inaugural Mother's Day celebration for the Malays in Perth. It was more of a seasonal gathering by the Malay community and as a fund raising event for Radio Melayu to be on air every Saturday night. Hilman, Izhar and me were the main host and it was something that we took seriously! We had 2 discussion sessions to ensure that we don't end up like 3 stooges in front of everybody!
 The event was held in Makan-makan bistro, Northbridge and the attendance was full house! I was jittery to start off with but we managed to get the ball rolling! We had Ajek Hassan as our guest artist - the famous internet sensation with hundreds of acoustic cover versions. He is the man!
 We did have few competitions which was interesting and I was forced to do the roti canai thingy which I had no clue to do! hahaha it was hillarious! We had few participants trying their best to teh tarik and most of them managed to wet the floor really bad! haha

It was a successful event and i really do hope to be involved in the future. Its an interesting alternative job that I am doing- mana tau jadi cam Aznil ke.. hahaha he started MCing when he was at this age !

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