Tuesday, March 04, 2014

MERCY MALAYSIA Humanitarian run #myMERCYrun

I decided to join the MERCY run because i just had to! Somehow, I do feel a connection with MERCY MALAYSIA and as much as i can, i will support whatever their activities. Of course, the missions will be my first objective but i know, i can't just go whenever I want.. haha
The distance was just 7km and as a charity run, don't think a lot of people will turn up to enjoy it. I arrived quite early and even from then, you know this run is happening. Music was blasted and the atmosphere was electrifying. I wished there were more people and I'm sure the popularity wil pick up from year to year. 
Thank you again for the person who donated his/her 20sens so that i was able to enter the toilet to fulfill my destiny 10 minutes before the start.. hahaha That was really funny!
Kudos MERCY and hope to join this run again next year!

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