Tuesday, March 04, 2014

A new hope.. and brighter future?

March 2014; it has been a year since coming back from Perth. A lot has happened, milestones achieved and battles endevoured.
Today we are up to our number 43rd open heart case. Who would have thought we have reached this stage at the moment. I am really proud of the whole CTS team; surgeons, fellow anaesthetists, perfusionists, nurses, my techs as well as the PPK. We have all worked hard to ensure the best of treatment and care for our unfortunate patients.
Being where we are now as how in any other field, its difficult to run away from office politics, little Napoleons and jealousy. I guess it is more obvious here in Malaysia and more subtle in western countries. It is so easy to fall into the trap of pulling down somebody else either directly or by other means. I pray to Allah to ensure whatever i do in my everyday job to be sincere. 
As much as I refuse to be specific about incidents or "name & shame" a particular person in my blog, it is difficult not to mention in my everyday conversation. I do learn how people will not change with time or circumstances and whatever tyranny which was legendary will remain wherever one goes. Its unimaginable to see how childish and desperate an old man can be in order to sustain his ego. I pray to god to not make me to be one of them as i yearn for barakah not just for me but for the rest of my generation.
With the current change of regime in my medical centre, i can only see a better future and hope. I am sure the dynamism showed in the last 6 months will be consistent in its momentum.A better leadership would definitely ensure better productivity.
So to our future Heart & Lung Centre.. Yezzaaaa... 

P/S Options are beginning to cross my mind and email drop ins.. Hmmmmm.. which future ? :)

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