Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Success!! OPCAB UiTM workshop :)

As a unit, (the core unit of CTC!) we are thankful for the sharing knowledge session we had with the CTS team from Sakakibara Heart Institute, Tokyo Japan yesterday. The team lead by Prof Takanashi, Dr Jun Shimizu, their scrub nurse and perfusionist were here in CTC in showing us the way they do off pump CABG. 
 I came really early in the morning, as through my previous experience of joining a workshop, i wanted to make the whole thing beneficial and not time wasting. So by 7am, i was putting my invasive lines for the patient under local anaesthesia. I wanted to really learn from them and cut off the unnecessary delay which will definitely occur! Alhamdulillah, it went Ok and patient was all ready for CABG!
 The programme started with talks by both Dr Takanashi and Shimizu on the off pump technique essentials. Though the presentation was modest, it was clear from their body language how sincere of them parting knowledge to us. Eventhough it was an in-house affair, i ensured all my anaesthetist to be there and be a part of the workshop. At least learning something from the expert.
 We proceeded with our case and certainly there were few controversies of Dr Shimizu's technique. He uses Nitrous Oxide or the laughing gas as his recipe, which is totally unheard of in Malaysia or even Australia! But his logic is fair and i do learn something different from him. Alhamdulillah the case went well and the amazing speed of how it was done!
                                               Dr Jun Shimizu, Anaesthetist Sakakibara Heart Centre
The workshop went well and things though in the beginning was not too smooth became alright. I was certainly impressed by their team dynamics and reminds me a lot of the team I have here in UiTM. It was a heart warming experience, learning from the expert on doing things. My hats off to Dr Jun Shimizu who plays the vital role in the dynamics of off pump CABG.
I guess Insha Allah, Perhaps we will be a centre which can emulate them in terms of technique. Perhaps THE OFF PUMP centre in Malaysia in the future. Insha Allah :)

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