Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Life is about educating

One of the reason why i took a career as a lecturer is because i love to teach. Something that wifey doesn't really understand and perhaps not all will have the same desire as such. Its really more of a responsibility rather than just another choice of career.
I was priviledged to be invited again by QAS Management, who in the past i was a part with in their programme. It was a motivational talk to students who still decides to go to Egypt despite the turmoil they have there at the moment. I do try to inspire, at least for them to keep their spirit up in the midst of war and strive for excellence.
And of course for my own students in UiTM, Insya Allah i will try attend as many of their functions to show support. I do remember during my students days that the presence of teachers and lecturers were much appreciated. Its not easy to juggle with what i have for them but i guess, if i don't try who else would. Perhaps in the coming future, inviting my colleagues to attend such activities !

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