Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Powerman report - The Completion that matters

Do i feel like a Powerman? Of course.. haha did i suffer? Yes! haha and I manage to complete it and that is the most important thing. I do have this knack of putting my body into maximal stress and somehow when finishing what i started gave me a lot of satisfaction.
I was hoping for the weather to be kind as it has been a wet week before that. Even during the briefing in Everly Hotel Putrajaya, the weather forecast mentioned that there will be possiblity of rain. I was crossing my fingers for that to happen as i know my body, and it will not optimize at high temperatures.. haha With my limited training time I would have been very comfortable on the Sprints event.Perhaps even trying my best to get a good time but i figured the challenge was too short. I wanna complete this full Powerman and honestly i don't really care about my time, what is important is to finish the race.
Woke up early to get myself ready especially going to the loo. I have few unfortunate incidents in the past few days where it was just too explosive! haha Major cleaning needed and i was not able to hold for long. I arrived at the parking spot at 615am and luckily people were just beginning to swarm. I parked quite near to the transition area. I always love major events like this because the atmosphere is just electrifying. This year Elly took part and for the first time i have another family member around during an event haha
Parked my bike at my spot and oh my.. there were certainly lots of people taking part. The fancy bikes especially the TT was just awesome to see. I met Hapa (Haparizan) my old school mate who was an active sports person in school. He is a keen cyclist now and it was good to have more friends in the arena.
Run1- 11km
Started off the race in the usual manner and my tactic was simple, i better do what i can do best early because later i will suffer and at least i am already a bit forward haha but the tempo was good because i know in shorter distance i can last longer especially for runs. i guess it is my strength. Manage to do the run in 1:03 for 11km.. not bad eih.. the course was pretty flat except towards the 5km mark where there is an elevation. It was not too bad but i guess on the 2nd loop it can be quite a challenge!
Bike 64km
COming to the transition area I saw there were still many bikes hanging.. eihh.. not bad! haha so i thought but i knew it would not be that long before people will pass me. I was a bit too relaxed getting myself ready and perhaps lost time here, but hey.. I'm not in the Elite group kan..I am only against myself haha Put on my cleats, helmet and nutrition chew and off i went. Not as fast as I want but yup.. i am off!
The first 32km was not too bad i reckon i managed to get my minimal 22-25km/h average. The worrying thing was at 20+km my thighs were twitching hmmm.. haha KCR comes back into my mind :) It was already super hot by then.And of course, i guess hundreds went pass me easily :)
And as expected.. on my 2nd loop of the 32km, My legs totally gave in! super duper cramps! had to park my bike on the side of the road before a mild elevation and waaahh.. macam nak nangis! i DID BRING MY SPRAY BUT IT WAS NOT ENOUGH! Somehow.. luckily it wore off but not totally though! I know i must go on and went on i did! The hill after PICC was a painful one but i managed to climb it well on the 2nd loop haha 
It was 3:08.. a very long time to cycle haha orang2 yg tera sume clock 2 hours and a bit..Well, i know that my cycling sucks and definitely lots more to improve :)
                                          see.. it was not too bad after my 1st run :)
By this time i could hardly take steps.. Every muscle was pulling me apart! I cant imagine what would had happened if i did not have rocktape on my thighs n calves.It was torturing trying to run and i could only walk at this stage. Obviously Im not fit to try this but who cares.. I want to finish this run!I used all my inner energy and that was my drive to finish the race. I really want to finish this and not quit ever! It was blazing hot.. circa 1120am and i could really feel the heat. I did try to run but if ihad forced myself, then bye-bye la Powerman.. haha So as slow as a turtle, i walked n perhaps a bit of slow jog in few paces but stopped due to the muscle cramping. I can hear the noise from the main arena and as i was approaching the last KM, the noise died out.. haha event dah habis! Langkah demi langkah.. hahaha it was such pleasure to finish it Alhamdulillah! Kesakitan hanya sementara, kejayaan untuk selama-lamanya :)
Overall 11km run-64kmbike-11km run
Yup.. total time was 6 hours and 6 minutes to complete my first ever Powerman. Not bad eih considering in the official results byk gak DNF and some even cheated! haha 
Thank you for the great event MALAKOFF and will i continue to hurt myself? YESS.. WHY NOT?

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