Monday, October 21, 2013

ASCA 2013 Singapore

I was in Singapore recently attending the Asian Society of Cardiac Anaesthesiologists. I registered for it quite some time back after browsing through the net. What got me interested was the programme and of course the orgnaizer being Prof Hwang, I was sure it would be really good.

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Indeed the programme was good and i was glad i made decision to fork out my own money for the trip. Sometimes you cannot rely on sponsors when your main objective is your quest for knowledge! Of course, i tw ould have been better if people were racing for me to do it but i guess my aim would be to be invited as a speaker :) Then you do not really need to beg and wait for such offers as everything is settled by the organizing committee.

It was an eye opener for me meeting up with fellow cardiac anaesthetists from Asia. I was taken aback when both the authors of my TEE book was in the congress as speakers! The venue was excellent too ; held in Academia a building dedicated for academic excellence and the facilities for the small congress we had was just superb. Kudos to Prof Hwang who i guess in his way single handedly doing things that he wants to do:)

p/s I will always remember Prof Hwang for his remarks during my viva.. "Are a an ED physician or an anaesthetist?" hahahaha

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