Monday, October 21, 2013

My short Singapore trip

I was last in Singapore in 2011 whilst attending the World SIVA conference.I was back again a few weeks ago for ASCA and this time around, i saw a different Singapore. I guess its because of my lodging, having to fork out my own money i decided to become a miser haha Well, its me alone so whats wrong in being in a backpackers hostel like accommodation?
I looked through trip advisor, and there was this place which was cheap and at the same time highly recommended. I thought why not as the location is superbly in Boat Quay; the heart of the nightlife in Singapore. Besides being only 5 minutes away from an MRT station why not?
I saw the pictures in their website, 5 footway.inn but of course being sceptical i reckon it will not be as how they hae potrayed it. To my surprise I was totally WRONG! It was how it is advertised and my my.. Cool gilerr!! haha I shared my room with two other visitors whom I've never met before. My next bed bunk mate was from India who came over to Singapore for a conference as well.
                                                  i slept up there

The breakfast terrace view was superbly excellent as the magnificient Marina Bay Sands hotel became the main landmark. At night, live music was just down below and i enjoyed my sip of coffee (free.. haha courtesy of 5footway.inn) and my laptop with the free wifi provided.. Wow, it was simply amazing to be at this place :)
Going around in Singapore is easy when you are travelling alone, the public transport is convenient and having been to few countries with such facilities it was never a problem for me to go where i wanted to go. Of course the Wifi service is not as good as ours in Malaysia (as it is not free!) but I manage to meet up with Hilman and his dad for a hearty meal of murtabak Singapore! Perggh.. memang kenyang tak ingat!

                                                      Murtabak Singapore medium.. ??
                                            Pak Basri the amazing man from Singapore

I took the opportunity too to meet up with Shah who is a Consultant in Alexandria Hospital. The cool thing about where he worked is the mosque is just behind his hospital and I managed to perform Jumaat prayers here. In Singapore it is not convenient to pray Jumaat and Shah is very lucky! I then met up with Rudy and Norlina( my colleague from Manchester to IMU) . They brought me to the famous sup tulang merah.. and wooo behold... Sedap gille! hahaha

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