Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Adik's wedding weekend

It was the last wedding for my Mother in law. Since its a girl's wedding obviously it will be more elaborate. My MIL is a simple person so organizing for such an event is not too much of a hassle. We've all decided to the the nikah at our place in Bukit Jelutong! It was a suggestion i had all along because our venue is much more convenient for people to come. The DJ house is a total congestion nighmare and I'm glad we made the right decision. Although the wedding event was a bit early for us (haha) but it was an experience organizing it at your own backyard.

 The reception was done in Dewan Gemilang FELDA in Kelana Jaya. It was a simple place for a maximum of perhaps 500 pax.I do respect Qayyum for his willingness to perform on the stage despite being prompt quite late.I felt really proud seeing him doing the silat pulut which the steps he managed to memorize it in 2 days. It was not long but to have a young person up there was good enough for us. I am indeed very proud of my kids; Qaisya and Marissa did not have any issues being the flower gals :)
Thank you team for a good outing. The organization was superb and i will certainly miss the boys session of putting the signs up the night before :)

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