Tuesday, October 01, 2013

My SCMKL 42KM 2013

Yes.. Another chapter of me testing the limit of what I can do.. My 3rd official marathon which is the 42km! And of course, as usual.. the unstructured and incomplete & suboptimal training for the event! I guess I will never find real time to practice for the 42km and as how addictive it can be, I somehow don't mind to cause suffering to myself! hahaha Well, I may not have achieved the goal of fully running a marathon but i do still can finish it.. By hook or by crook :)
After Perth City to Surf last year, this is the next marathon that i have decided to join. I guess if it was during its original date, the run might have been different. Then I was just back from EBC and perhaps had achieved my best physical fitness ever. But the postponement certainly changed a lot of my conditioning.
 Coming to the event day, I was having doubts whether i should go on. Honestly, the training was in shambles and I was never the man i was when i ventured on Perth's City to Surf. Being me, tawakkal Alallah je la.. haha Why not kan..why not? The bitter experience of 2010 is still in my mind but that adventure had taught me a lot to prepare and protect myself.It proved to be helpful during City to Surf.. and for this run:
1) Anti blister cream
2) Instant Pain reliever (got myself a spray on)
3) Nutrition for the run
4) Rocktape
5) Compression top & bottom

I was up early. At 2.30am I woke up on my own. Of course, after a good carbo loading the night before, I had to let it all out to facilitate my run. I remembered when i did my first half marathon.. haha I spent sometime in the toilet immediately after the start :)
I parked next to Masjid Negara as the road to Bukit Aman parking was closed as early as 320am. There were not that many cars then so i had a good spot:) I felt a bit jittery and the morning was pretty humid. There were already a sea of runners waiting and everybody seemed to be excited to be part of this big running event of Malaysia.
The marathon flag off started on time at 0430. It was a good crowd but i did notice that there was no gush of wind. Hmm.. it is the start of a very warm day! My pace was good but i was a bit careful not to push myself too hard inthe early stages. This is Malaysia and the weather is different. I remembered the suffering I had during the Kuantan Century Ride!
I thought i did well till about KM15 when i felt a bit burnt out.. literally! It was so hot and i just felt very tired and fatigued! I started to walk and run and walk again at this stage and I thought oh my.. this will be a long day!
 Half way along the run, honestly i felt like quitting. Seriously! I was burnt out and somehow the mojo was not there. I can;t explain why! I was feeling weak and helpless. And i sort of decided at km22 I will stop. And I did. took a breather.. and tried doing a selfie pic haha Then somebody asked if i wanted a picture there and of course i replied Yes! Somehow the breather at this cooled me down. At the water station there i slowly took few drinks and munched my chewies ( i thought this was better than the gel.. which after sometime can be a bIt revolting!) Somehow, I regained my strength and determination, and I told myself.. I cannot stop what i have started. I guess, this was a reflection of our lives.. At times, we may wanna just give up or change directions. However, if we have a goal.. then we have to go all out and persevere.

 Of course, the journey from the Cheras Badminton Stadium to Segambut was not easy. It was getting hot when the early morning sun rose.From KM22 onwards, i was moving on fine. Though i walk in between mostly because of the twitches I felt. I did not push myself too much as I do really want to finish my 42km in one piece!
 After KM30, The rejuvenation was obvious. I did not feel the pain and fatigue that I had before. In fact, i felt stronger to continue and I was sure that I can do it. I did listen to my body when my small runs somehow caused some muscle pulling here and there.The water stations were really good as I don't think I was in a state of dehydration at all during this whole run! Subhanallah.. it was SOOO HOT! I felt like a running coal and at every station with a sponge i will literally bathe to cool myself down. It was AMAZINGLY SUPER HOT!!!
 At KM37 I met Shuk again, whom went passed me at about KM15. He was not in a good condition and with my spray on, he felt a bit better. The cramps were getting on him and he was struggling. Seeing the time, I know I may not achieve my PB. This is the first time i can actually finish my 42km with a friend and i thought, Why not escort him all the way to the finish line? I am sure my presence lifted his spirit and both of us slowly paced to the finish line!
It was an overwhelming finish when i reached the Finish line. It may not be as estatic as the first time.. I can still remember how i felt when i saw the finishing podium then.. and again this time around I was proud to have finished it again.. haha because of what i felt at KM22, It was such a good feeling to persevere and complete what you have started.

My gun time was 5 hours and 52 minutes. Way beyond my best time I did last year. However, i am not dissapointed because despite my appauling training, i manage to finish it under 6 hours. It is a definite improvement from the 7 hours I did in 2010 hahaha Alhamdulillah, I completed this run without much morbidity.. though a bit fatigued but not injured. I am thankful for that :) 
And now.. I will have Putrajaya Night Marathon next.. I am Insya Allah sure, I'll clock a better time:)

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