Sunday, September 22, 2013

The learning continues as we are up to 15!

It has been an interesting journey. Whatever that I've seen, done and learnt before did not really prepare me on being the clinician taking full responsibility of the patient's management. There is never a straight forward case, something and somehow things will happen and pushes you to the limit to apply the knowledge that you have obtained.

Having your own patients do not mean that you cannot refer to your friends elsewhere for opinion but having to make decisions there and then poses the ultimate challenge of to do or not to do. Its not about you having the balls to proceed or not but to make an informed decision for a better outcome can be really unpredictable.

Being in the theatre poses a challenge but managing them post operatively can be tricky. I am glad i have had full ICU training in Sg Buloh therefore there are lots of bits and pieces that i can match together for a better outcome. From Sepsis to managing nutrition, from haemodynamics support to ventilation I was challenged in a way i never thought that i would come to someday.

Of course, I am still a long way from being a "House" (from House MD). The learning before was compartmentalised but managing real patients is a multi holistic approach. Seriously! Its not just a jargon but having to manage all the problems at the same time can be overwhelming. Having experienced staff and a good team is essential to the success of such a programme.

I wish i can be of more descriptive as how I've done it before. However being in my setting at the moment, especially at the beginning of our mitosis; it is against ethics and can be medico-legal if I am to discuss or reveal the specifics of each surgery and procedure done.

I am looking forward for more adventures as it matures my ability to troubleshoot and manage as we go. Nothing beats experience and Insya Allah, slowly I am gaining it.

This week 16,17 and 18! Allahu Akbar!

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