Monday, September 16, 2013

Hari Malaysia 2013

16 September today.. Selamat Hari Malaysia! Since 2011, the gov had introduced the day today as a public holiday. Interestingly, it was a question I asked when i was younger, the eager beaver learning history of why was 16 September not celebrated but only 31st of August.History is interesting but a bore to many. I love history because of the story it tells and about the humble beginnings of many things.

History would also compass of how things can go right and showed retrosepctively how it went wrong that leads to the downfall. I have always wondered that did not these leaders realize the obvious wrongs they were doing then? Throughout dynasties, empires including our own Malay Empire fell due to the same causes. By history it is obvious what brings people apart instead of together. Again and again it is being repeated which brings to my own conclusion about history.

The saying goes that we learn from history. I reckon for a hard crude fact We've never learnt from history! In fact, despite knowing all the does and donts, We tent to repeat history again and again. There will always be the struggle to start off with, then the peak and then the downfall. Interestingly, all empires and civilization fell because of the same reasons. It may not be similar but the principles are the same.

Malaysia by convention is 50 years old, Independence has been 56 years last August. As a country, we have moved up a rank and different from what we started off from. We seemed to have a direction and objective, rooted with the eastern culture and mentality we have grown. As a nation, we are still very young and the basis of how we want our nation to be seemed to be rocked and shackled. It is not being helped by the openness of our media as the information which is unvetted is easily available online 24 hours. The biggest sin of rumours and wildfire stories are easily flamed through this media nowadays and it is not easy to know which is really true.

Being idealistic does not mean it can be translated into reality. Being in Malaysia, there are so many taboos to crossover. As a nation, our maturity is still questioned whether we can really apply the idealistic nature of humanity in our society. We can never run from our eastern values and it is apparent in our past civilizations. It is easy to be swayed by western ideas of liberalisation but at the same time we have to be wary of their cunning nature. History has shown that fact of how manipulative they can be; and in this time it will not be the physical nature but perhaps the indirect influence of our thinking and ideas.

Hahaha.. as you can see i can ramble and ramble without stop. I have always been a keen thinker on this issues and perhaps now I should be more vocal to put my ideas through.

Selamat Hari Malaysia Malaysiaku..:)

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