Saturday, September 07, 2013

Life Long Leaning - Lessons I;'ve Learnt

Norizal whatssapped me while I was doing the CABG the other other, but i was not able to answer him. Nor did i know what it was for. He then called me up coaxing me to give a motivation talk to the new batch of MBBS UiTM. I told him about my issues : I have 5 kids to take care off on Saturday morning but he reassured that it can be handled.
Yup.. it had been quite some time since I last did a motivational session with young medical students.It used to be a routine for me since my medical school days and even after that. It was my forte before and of course, I would be more than happy to contribute.
I was honoured to be given the first ever slot for these students in UiTM. haha It was overwhelming but at the same time, I had to ensure the talk would not be too boring or typical of an academic staff. (As usual, I always try to be different..) I spent the night looking through my old pics; as i am sure visual stimuli would make people to be more interested with my talk.
I can see myself in their shoes.. All of them do not really know what they are into :) Everybody will say they really want to do medicine but soon reality will hit them. To carry the responsibility of becoming a future doctor demands a lot of their effort and time. The shocking thing later to them will be when they start working.. It will totally be another chapter and challenge. I do hope that our medical school will train them to be resilient and strong to face what is to come. The scenario and setting will be different but the gist of it i feel will remain the same.

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