Friday, August 30, 2013

Organizing this and that

Being in a university, i cannot run away from being in a committee or another. Organizing events would be another feature in the prospectus of becoming a Lecturer in the medical faculty.I have left this for quite sometime and i guess now i need to reactivate my special neurons to organize things again.

I used to enjoy this in med school and probably went overboard because it became my main agenda rather than studying! Haha (Prof Raja Khuzaiah warned me again and again, and of course it is something she will always say about me everytime we are in a meeting together!)

I'll be involved in the upcoming Essentials of HO workshop organized by the College of Physician. The main core of my piece would be acute medicine n resuscitation. Me being me, I want to create an impact and not just another didactic unattractive session. I am trying smething new and hopefully it works with good reviews. It is not easy doing this crusade but I am a strong believer in experential learning rather than the old school didactic sessions.

It is quite interesting that i came across a website , A group of young doctors dedicated to improve the learning of others, HO Workshop. Kudos to these few individuals who has been working hard for the past few years; preparing guides and pointers for their colleagues. It is a very good initivative and i salute them for doing that. I am sure, a lot of new doctors or budding doctors will use their guides and info provided to their benefit.

Providing resources and information is a noble cause. I remembered Mark Finis notes ; a gentleman who provided extensive notes in Anaesthesia and I am sure has been used by a lot of individuals from around the world. Imagine the pahala or deeds he has generated automatically. True honest intentions and something i definitely would like to do if I can. I did start a special page for Part 1 Anaesthesia resources, but after i left the Masters programme, I sort off forgot about it. I was hoping in the Wiki format i would attract people to continue my work. I guess as how the world is, we do not really have that many who want to GIVE but aplenty of TAKERS.

Ok.. first step this and coming soon.. Intensive Revision Course for Anaesthesia Entrance Exams. :)

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