Monday, August 05, 2013

Transition & Adaptation

Why do people blog? It was a trend a few years ago before the arrival of the efficient social media tools like FB and Twitter.Many jumped into the trend bandwagon and we had all kinds of blogs.Election results ie GE12 in 2008 was influenced by bloggers and the internet. That was how powerful it is.I have always loved writing and i blogged because it gave me the opportunity to continue what i like to do. At the same time, improving my language writing so that it will not rot.

Blogs were interesting and you can see why one blog had more followers compared to the other. People can relate their lives and share; sometimes it was easier to create an avatar and speak out your mind. Various kinds of blogs were available , you just have to google and find out. My blog had its popularity spur for a while, as people were keen to know what anaesthetists really do. I was happily blogging about my work and my encounters, that sometimes i did forget the ethics of what you can reveal in such postings.

However when FB came, it brought a massive tsunami with it. It was more user-friendly and became a tool for socializing which was never seen before. Myspace lead the concept but it was not as holistic as facebook.I myself took a turn and slowly my blog writings became more numb and lifeless. I do still maintain the blog because it brought a lot of memories. Somehow, nowadays it became more of my diary compared to my opinions and writings. I used to comment on the current political issues etc but my interest on it has mellowed. I am not sure how many silent followers are left to see what my life is about but that was never the point for me blogging.It was never about gaining popularity; just a space to share and write.

Why am I writing all this? Well, i was reviewing my blog and discovered how my postings evolved and the change of content from when it started. Well, as how the evolution theory works; we change and evolve and that is just how life goes.

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