Friday, August 02, 2013

2 months of terror coming your way!

The maid is going back home this weekend. She is off for the next two months. She has not been back to Indonesia for the past 2 years. The high alarm alert has been activated by wifey again and again. I am in some sort of denial phase, denying to think about how to handle our 5 kids in the near future.

It is coming! really really soon :) Wow, handling all my 5 kids alone without the maid. Honestly, I've not been really involved as how I used to be when we had 3. I was in charged of the kitchen, laundry, groceries, packing their bags etc almost a huge chunk of the work, and now having 3 unindependent ones : Marissa, Dzarief and Dzulaikha it is a challenge of yet to be seen!

It is scary come to think of it..

Dzulaikha is planned to be sent to a nearby nursery, and it'd be my job to send her there every morning. Qayyum will remain in sekolah agama for transit, where he will change & eat.. and then be sent to the school. The other 3 will be doing their usual routine of going to Salsabila. That solves the daily management.

BUT.. when they are back, we have to sort out their food, then mandi.. and then laundry for the kids! I remember how tedious it was (not the laundry) but when arranging their clothes and to match them correctly! hahaha wuuhuuu.. A big challenge!

My Cardiac list will get busier, and its going to be tough to balance between caring for the kids and work.

So.. lets enjoy these last 3 days of freedom before it is time to say hello to reality! Haha I'm being relaxed about it because perhaps.. I am still in denial :)


Diana said...

salam & hi :) may i know the review on salsabila? i am looking for taska/daycare for my 1y2mo daughter in Kelana Jaya area :)


mafeitz said...

I would personally recommend Salsabiila. All 5 of my children are Salsaabila thoroughbreds, 2 graduated, 1 graduating soon and another 2 still there. I am thankful for their tarbiiyah and one can see their progress as their grow. They are organized and follows a strict syllabus of children development and most importantly the tarbiyyah of early easy going islamic education to these children.
They have 3 centres which is near to each other. The toddler centre 1-3, pre kindergarten 3-4 and kindergarten 5-6.This is to ensure that they are within their age group and development ability. I sent my eldest when he was 2 months old! ( but we had no other choice then) and he grew up with Salsaabiila till 6 years of age. Most of my other kids were enrolled after a year old, so it will be just nice.
Have a chat with the pengetua, Pn Rahimah and explore what you are comfortable and not comfortable with. Some say that their fees are high but i would say its not too bad. One has to compare apples to apples and the quality of its product.
The overtime charges are high i must say thus you have to see your schedule if it fits the dayrunning of the centre ; otherwise you might end up paying overtime more than the fees!
I would strongly recommend them but do survey to other centres around the area too. Choose which would be convenient to your schedule and needs :)
Insha Allah :)